Thursday, October 25, 2007

More Cuddliness

Another addition to our arsenal of warm stuff -- this fleece bundle-y thing is super cozy. I put it on her car seat this morning and she looked so incredibly cute I had to snap a picture or twenty. There's a sort of sleigh ride on the Russian steppes feeling to the car seat now. Considering that it's about 60 degrees outside, perhaps it's overkill?

She's really doing so well these days. She wakes up smiling and stays pretty cheerful most of the day. She does get fussy but it's almost always something pretty obvious -- "feed me!" or "I'm tired!" She's got simple needs. Lucky us. I can't wait for her to start talking but I also know that that means that she'll be upset about much more complicated things -- things that I will be much less able to solve. "The girl in my class is mean to me" or "I hate algebra" -- a whole world of angst to look forward to. It's actually a really good thing that they start out being so straightforward... it's sort of like jazz -- you only improvise once you've got the basic tune down perfectly. Her simple needs give you time to learn the basic tune before you have to get all fancy.

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