Monday, November 3, 2008

Jane Jacobs Would Be So Proud

Ada spends a lot of time looking out the window. In the morning we wave hello to New Jersey and to the kids catching the school bus and the people walking their dogs and the lady with the red hat and the man in the white car.... For such a quiet street, Cabrini Blvd has a lot going on. 
Another fun interior decorating note: the chains in Ada's hand are the city-required "protect-your-kid-from-falling-out-the-window" chains. Don't they look AAAAWESOME? We had to put them on all the windows, including the ones that a monkey being chased by um, a bigger, angrier monkey? couldn't climb out of. Ugh. Anyway, I guess they'll protect Ada from jumping out the window to chase one of the entertaining characters she sees through the window.

Trick or Treat #1

A tiny chili pepperitito, the Salsa Princess, Capiscum Kid, Jalapenitita, Hot-Cha-Cha-Cha, Etc... I give you the one and only Ada Pepper!

I'm sure that when Ada is older, she will come up with more creative costumes: Baby Doc Duvalier? Babyface? Babe Paley? Bebe Neuwirth? Baby Spice? Sadly for her, this year was not the most creative. I did struggle with it and came up with all sorts of ideas... ah, right. Ideas -- not actual costumes. Funny how despite all that brain-racking, all I could come up with was this off-the-rack chili pepper. 

It's a good thing Ada is so incredibly cute -- she makes up for all the deficiencies in costume creativity. 

(note: lots more costume photos to follow from other sources)