Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More Princess-ness

Auntie Kirin gave Ada this crown for her birthday. It was completely ignored until recently, when the princess phenomenon started to take hold. She's not wearing it ALL the time but enough to be troubling. Luckily she won't be wearing it for halloween. I think she's going to be a space cowgirl instead. Hmm.. just need to track down some space cows....

Starting to read?

Ada loves books -- shocking! -- and has started to "read" to herself, which involves looking at the pictures and reciting stories she's memorized. Here she's telling herself about the story of Cinderella -- for some reason, a source of ENDLESS fascination. Why are girls obsessed with princesses? I certainly don't read the stories to her, at least not more than any other stories... and when I do, I try to convince her that it would be better to be the witch - at least she'd have some magical powers and could smite people instead of dealing with all the abuse that princesses tend to get before the prince swoops in and saves them.

Fall in NY

Ada and her friend Claire went hiking at Sam's Point Nature Preserve this weekend. For some reason there were still blueberries on the bushes, even though they were already starting to turn colors. Such a gorgeous (and tasty!)  hike!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

And there's more!

More from the trip... we carried the girls in these big backpacks, that just happened to match. AND their hats matched and one day, Kirin and I were wearing the same pants (well, different instances of the same pant, and not the same actual pair -- that would have made hiking difficult). We confused people. Wait, are those twins? Wait, no.


Hey there,
So it's been busy! Ugh. I've finally found a moment to upload a few photos from the last few months that really should be shared, most from our trip to Tuolomne.

I like this photo -- pensive. She's definitely a bit of a daydreamer.

Ada and Nola and their daily yoga routine. I think Ada's really perfected that downward dog, don't you?

Utterly gorgeous photos of Kirin and Nola.

Nola looks a little worried here but still it's a sweet moment...

This is just in our neighborhood, taken back in April or so. I've been meaning to put it up for a while. Tiny person, big bridge.