Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Puerto Rico

Fun had by all at the beach, and communing with the fountains with Iris... I had a terrible time getting pictures of Ada at the beach -- she literally never slowed down! As you can see, she was well covered. Man, that sun was brutal! SPF 70 wasn't enough to prevent burns after an hour or so. It was so wonderful to get to spend some concentrated time with Ada. I've been working way too much! I miss her!

More! More!

A few moments of repose ... It's been a while since I've updated you all on anything. Ada is conversing in pretty full sentences these days, jabbering to everyone about everything. She's also the most active toddler I've met so far. She really just doesn't want to sit down. Always on the run! These are a few rare moments when she stopped and posed for the camera...


Nothing really to say about my multi-month absence! Here are some sweet moments from the end of winter. Ada in the snow, and Ada dressed as Rainbow Brite... does a blog post get any better? No? I didn't think so!