Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Frequent Flier

Ada loves to fly -- she's mellow and happy and relaxed. Although I would be mellow and relaxed if I always had a fully reclining seat -- first class all the way, baby!

Mine, All Mine!

Ada's first christmas was amazing. She got all the presents in the world and the big tree and all the ribbon and the shiny paper and the stuff... and all the people to come home with her and be jolly all the time.

"Thanks for all the prezzies, guys. It was really nice of you to give me all this stuff... oh wait, some of this stuff isn't for me? But I'm the baby!"

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Baby, the Camera Loves You

Or rather, Camera, the Baby Loves You! Ada gets so excited about things these days. She loves the cat (he's like, "What? you've been like totally ignoring me for 6 months and now you're all in to me. Puh-leeze!"), she loves toys and paper napkins and anything shiny, and this camera. She's started to get all excited when she sees it... and now I know why. Like her new soulmate , the cat, she's fascinated by the lanyard that goes around my neck and has been leaping for it excitedly.
Right after this photo, she pulled so hard she ripped the camera out of my hand. I tried to lure her away from it with another toy and instead she ignored it and went straight for my laptop instead.
She clearly has expensive taste in toys.... this does not bode well!

November Spawned a Monster

OK, that's probably not an appropriate song to reference in relation to this lovely, lovely child who is very far away from being "a hostage to kindness" etc... but she does kinda' have Morrissey hair today so, anyway. I could just delete all this and start again . I'm sure I could think of something funnier. .. but probably nothing funnier than just looking at Ada's hat head:

Monday, December 17, 2007


In the spirit of my previous post about cute baby hats bringing about world peace, I thought I'd put up these pics of Ada lounging around in her newest aquisition. I saw it in a store window and literally ripped it off the mannequin (weird-ish baby mannequin).... it was the last one and there was NO WAY I was going home without it. You can see why:
Cutey McCute. How many different words do we have for cuteness? Precious, presh, adorable, adorabubble, delicious, scrumptious, delectable, anable, Ada...

For more definitions of cute, go to http://www.cuteoverload.com... none of the pics are anywhere near as cute as our little one but some of them might be close-ish.... ish.

Laptop Cam Excitement

It looks like I can't really use the laptop cam at all any more, except as a form of educational experience or something. Ada sees herself in it like so:
And DIVES for it -- drooling all over the keyboard, hitting crazy random buttons, etc. This is the resulting photo:
It's funny but also slightly dangerous for my laptop. I can imagine going into to techserv:
"So what did you spill on it?"
"Um, baby drool."

Thursday, December 13, 2007


I know there's going to be a lot of excitement about this picture... Dain and Jean sent Ada this hat a while ago and she's just gotten to a size where it fits her without sliding down over her nose.
Silly, silly, silly cute. AND, I've figured it out. Hats like these make people smile at your baby... and your baby smiles back... and the people smile back... and soon enough the baby realizes that this is just a silly, happy world and everyone in it is wonderful and good. All we need to create world peace is more little ani-morphic baby clothes. Bring on the little ears! Bring on the little eyes!


Take a look at the image below. This is sewn onto the little outfit Ada is wearing today. On first glance, it's just a silly little horse, right? Wrong! Look closer!
It's a silly little horse-like thing standing next to... what?

Could it be a cloud? No, clouds are in the sky -- not at our feet, right? Unless the horse is in heaven, in which case, umm... why is there a dead horse on Ada's onesie?

Could it be a little bush or tree? Well, I guess so except where are the leaves, branches or any indication of foliage at all, no matter how gestural? Maybe it's a sci-fi tree -- like, a tree in space. Except, I'm not sure how excited babies get about sci-fi... I think we need to wait until toddlerhood for that.

So what the hell is it?

I know you've all figured it out by now. It's a special onesie, designed for babies new to solid food. What happens when they start on solid food? They have trouble pooping. This designer has decided to encourage little ones to poop by drawing a little pink horse, standing proudly over his little pink pile...of poop! I wonder if this drawing had to go through a committee?

In any case, I love it. Bring on the poop.

Sunday, December 9, 2007


My Grandfather and Step-Grandmother visited this weekend. How cool for Ada to meet her Great-Grandfather! 4 generations!


Another amazed photo -- how fun to see her love the world around her...

Thursday, December 6, 2007

More Giggles

No deep thoughts here, just some really cute grins:

Also, a developmental update: she's finally turning over on her own now. We are waiting for an opportunity to capture the magic on camera. Stay tuned.

We Have Sentience

OK, so I clearly don't know anything about developmental psychology but when the little one actually seems to recognize herself, I think it's a pretty big thing. I hadn't taken a picture of her with the laptop camera in a while and today when I did, this was the result. She's like, "Holy cow! That's me!"
She could see herself moving on the screen and just loved it and started reaching for it. This is her thinking to herself, "Hey, I'm pretty cute!"