Thursday, December 13, 2007


Take a look at the image below. This is sewn onto the little outfit Ada is wearing today. On first glance, it's just a silly little horse, right? Wrong! Look closer!
It's a silly little horse-like thing standing next to... what?

Could it be a cloud? No, clouds are in the sky -- not at our feet, right? Unless the horse is in heaven, in which case, umm... why is there a dead horse on Ada's onesie?

Could it be a little bush or tree? Well, I guess so except where are the leaves, branches or any indication of foliage at all, no matter how gestural? Maybe it's a sci-fi tree -- like, a tree in space. Except, I'm not sure how excited babies get about sci-fi... I think we need to wait until toddlerhood for that.

So what the hell is it?

I know you've all figured it out by now. It's a special onesie, designed for babies new to solid food. What happens when they start on solid food? They have trouble pooping. This designer has decided to encourage little ones to poop by drawing a little pink horse, standing proudly over his little pink pile...of poop! I wonder if this drawing had to go through a committee?

In any case, I love it. Bring on the poop.

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