Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Baby, the Camera Loves You

Or rather, Camera, the Baby Loves You! Ada gets so excited about things these days. She loves the cat (he's like, "What? you've been like totally ignoring me for 6 months and now you're all in to me. Puh-leeze!"), she loves toys and paper napkins and anything shiny, and this camera. She's started to get all excited when she sees it... and now I know why. Like her new soulmate , the cat, she's fascinated by the lanyard that goes around my neck and has been leaping for it excitedly.
Right after this photo, she pulled so hard she ripped the camera out of my hand. I tried to lure her away from it with another toy and instead she ignored it and went straight for my laptop instead.
She clearly has expensive taste in toys.... this does not bode well!

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