Monday, January 28, 2008


So, you can't totally tell from these photos, but she's scooting herself along the floor on her back by whale-flopping her legs. Unfortunately, she looks more like MC Hammer than Grandmaster Flash here, but what can you do? She's just learning these things:

Backlog: The Series

In which Cowgirl Ada teams up with her Posse to bring outlaw babies to justice.

"After him! Ride, Jean, Ride!"
"Put me down! I'm the boss of you, Dad, erm, Cowpoke!"
She gets no respect from the posse! Despite all our tampering, she does seem to be able to hold her own.

Backlog: The Next Generation

In this third installment of backlogged images, I'll proffer evidence that Ada is just the happiest baby on the planet. Look at her little grin:

OK, so maybe the last one is more just amused than totally happy, but I think it still counts, don't you?

Backlog: Son of Backlog

In this series, I think you'll agree that it's not all fun and games -- she thinks deep, serious thoughts too:

That's right -- she's very advanced... she's reading on her own these days. Or rather, she looks at books she likes and decides whether to EAT THEM!


For those of you who check Ada Today every day, I have two things to say: 1) I'm sorry for being so delinquent and 2) you've hit the jackpot today. I'm finally getting a chance to put up a bunch of cute new pics of the little one -- all from the last weeks. She's doing great -- breakdancing all around her play mat, babbling loudly, drinking from a sippy cup and mostly babbling at high volume. I've broken the images up into a few different themes, and because I believe in eating dessert first, I'll start with the goofy ones.

Goofiness, Personified:

It's fun to take her picture but she just won't stop trying to eat the camera, which is a little difficult to manage. I must admit, maintaining this blog was a LOT easier when she just stayed put and slept a lot. I keep dropping the camera and preventing her from getting herself tangled up in something!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Jean and Dain are here this weekend. Jean decided that she needed to meet Ada before she turned 16... phew! Just in time! She took a few photos of play time this morning... a much happier affair, now that Ada's feeling in the pink.

Check out my ab workout -- in case any of you have wondered about my abs of putty, here's how I make the magic happen:

I'm Baaaack!

After a few weeks of fevers, ear infections, coughs, colds, runny noses and general misery, Ada's finally feeling better. I'm sorry I haven't posted in while but I just didn't have the heart to stick a camera in her face while she was feeling so bad. Happily, we're feeling much, much better... who knows? She might actually start sleeping again!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ski Xtreem

For christmas we got basically the best baby gift ever -- the "chariot". It's a multi-sport baby transport system that will apparently let us hike, bike, run and ski with the little one literally in tow. Here's Thor trying it out at Galena:

Ada Takes Sun Valley

"Here I am in Sun Valley and I don't see my fur-lined booties or diamond-studded rattle anywhere... how can I be seen in the lodge bling-less, I ask you?"
(This is a photo that Kirin took in Sun Valley that she just sent me... I love the expression.)

Sunday, January 6, 2008


Ada got this Llama as a Christmas present from Dain and Jean. Ada doesn't usually take to things right away but this time, she lept for it as it came out of the box:

And then did what she does to everything she adores: put it right in her mouth. Mmmm... soggy llama ears.
"Oh Llama, I could never be mad at you!"


"S.O.S Mayday! Alert! Alert! " Ada's calling for help. Her dreadful parents have been *gasp* forcing her to eat! She is a lovely, sweet creature... who just doesn't like to eat. Or rather, she likes to eat solid food -- she just doesn't like milk. And since she still needs mostly milk -- almost 30 oz a day -- we have an daily struggle that can get a little exhausting for everyone. Sigh.


So, sorry for waiting so long to post -- we've had a great but hectic holiday. We all went to Sun Valley for a little skiing (pics of Ada in her little chariot coming soon), and then we went up to Stone Ridge for a little New Year's Baby Fest. Two good friends had babies this year so we all spent New Year's together --- three babies and a 4 year-old all together in one house. It was pretty fun.

Unfortunately, Ada caught a little cold on the plane back from Sun Valley. She was a bit grumpy and out of it over New Year's.
Poor little sprout. It really sucks to have a cold as a baby. Happily, she's on the mend and has managed to avoid the dreaded nasal aspirator for hours at a time.