Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Feeling Much Better

After my post yesterday about Ada being enraged all the time, it seems she's decided to mellow out a bit. She's actually consented to pose beautifully for several pictures today, looking more like herself... so serene and lovely. I've been thinking a lot of people who have babies with colic recently, and I honestly can't imagine how they do it. Ada's been pretty cranky lately but no where near the non-stop crying one hears about. I can't imagine going through nine months of pregnancy only to be faced with inconsolable crying for the first three months. It's got to be horrifying. To those people who've been reading this blog and feeling slightly bitter about all the comments referring to Ada's placid nature, I sincerely ap0logize.

A sidenote: she's actually wearing a dark brown shirt -- not black. We're not forcing the goth on her too, too often...

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elena said...

Did I ever mention that Ada Today is my favorite way to procrastinate?