Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Deeeep Focus

Ada and I absconded from Thor's Parents' house with this amazing toy. She's mesmerized by it, and at its size, it's a full body experience for her. I've had to disentangle her arms and legs from it several times. Luckily it's soft and squishy.

How amazingly cool to see her interact with things... and with us. She's been doing things like singing back when you sing to her. She's a little liberal with the actual lyrics but really participates in the singing. One thing I've learned (as you can tell from this blog): the sillier you are, the more she likes it. Maybe it's the secret plan of babies - to come to earth and make all the adults start to take themselves a little less seriously.


Kyle said...

Hi HK, I love this! Ada is such a little darling. And I am glad she is singing!!! Someday soon, she will be the one making fun music videos!

Have a great day.

Kyle Ewalt

aeg said...

That is EXACTLY the secret plan of babies - I realized this when I was pretend tap-dancing around my kitchen the other night banging two pieces of tupperware together.

h said...

that sounds like a fantastic trick! I should try it!