Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Progression

I keep talking about what a lovely, mellow, sweet baby Ada is. It's true -- she's very easy. However, she does cry and I happened to record her normal progression below. For those about to call Child Protective Services, Ada really does like to be bounced facing out as shown below. I promise I wasn't ignoring her cries in order to keep taking these photos!

Step One: Eden. Violin Music Soars as Baby Animals Gambol in the Field

Step Two: A Vague, Looming Sensation That All Is Not Right With the World
Step Three: The Horror! Man Is a Rapacious Beast Fixated Solely On Self-Interest
Step Four: It's Hobbesian War of All Against All. There Is No Escape. I've removed the rest of the progression to protect the innocent -- showing her wails of despair violates FCC regulations, I'm pretty sure. The long black night of the baby's soul is not a pretty picture.

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