Sunday, September 2, 2007

Ada's Lunch

Ada was very clean today. She had a lovely bath and a little massage and everything was perfect... and then of course, she lost her lunch in a fairly dramatic fashion. So much for clean and moisturized! She thinks it's all very funny.


caermarthan said...

Hi, HK. It's Bay, Elena's old High School friend. I just wanted to tell you E showed me this blog, and now I'm addicted to looking at pictures of Ada - what a sweet, sweet sweetie!
Much love to you and the new little family,


Mic said...

beautiful baby! she looks so great.

Meghan said...

hi hk,

i've been checking into the blog for updates from oz. she's such a cutie... can't wait to meet her!


h said...

yaay! thanks for the comments, guys! I'm thrilled to know that you're all checking in. Thanks!