Sunday, April 20, 2008


More hilarity at play time. This is the sandbox in the little playground that's about 10 steps from our door. Now that she's a bit bigger I'm realizing just how fantastic our apartment is for kids. We're so lucky! The playground also has the most beautiful view in the whole neighborhood, looking out over the river and the palisades.

As you'll see in some other pics I'm about to put up, NYC is at its most beautiful right now -- flowering trees, perfect sunny 70 degree weather... everyone is sort of giddy with it. Meanwhile, I'm giddy with the cuteness of the little munchkin, playing in the sand. Of course, that hairclip has just got to go. What do you guys think? Should we ban the hairclip? If you like it, now's your chance to convince me. Otherwise, those clips are getting melted down and turned into, ummm, tiny pellets of melted plastic?

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