Sunday, April 20, 2008

In the Park with Saira

Yesterday was so utterly gorgeous -- brilliantly sunny, warm, amazing! Even though it's been a fairly mild winter, the first really warm days of the year have just been feeling so magical. I met my friend Amrita and her extremely adorable 4-month-old, Saira, for brunch and a stroll in the park. I'd have to guess that there were at least 1 million people in the park (no, I'm not exaggerating) but we managed to corner a little piece of lawn and hang out in the sun.

Ada got to use her sun hat and I tried to get her sunglasses to stay on, to no avail. Here she's about to start exploring Saira's nostrils and ears. Babies, as it turns out, have a very poor sense of boundaries.
Saira is actually a very smiley baby, but she was born in winter so I think she was asking herself, "what the HELL is this? Can someone please turn off the lights?" So cute!

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