Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Exersaucer Mania

The major excitement of recent weeks is the addition of the exersaucer. I resisted for a long time... I'm enough of a design snob not to want this monstrosity in my house. As I've learned before and have relearned recently, design snobbery and kids just don't mix. So I've surrendered. I don't think Ada looks too put out, do you?
"It's a magical fairy wonderland full joy and happiness! How could you have kept me from this for so, so, so long?"
"Turtle? Frog? Turtle? Frog? Frog!" In a stunning, exersaucer-induced feat of brilliance, Ada has proven that she understands more than we thought. You can ask her where her frog is (she's holding it in this picture) and she'll reach for it, and sometimes even hand it to you. Amazing. "Man, can't I have a private moment with my frog without you snap, snap, snapping photos? I'm gonna write an expose on the vile tactics of the mom-erazzi!"

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