Thursday, November 8, 2007

An Informal Organization of Babies

It seems like everyone I know is having kids these days. I'm not sure if it's just that I'm hitting that age or if the world is experiencing an overwhelming outpouring of optimism in the form of reproduction. Maybe it's the influence of the movie "Children of Men."

In any case, one of the funner baby-craze-related incidents was a recent project I was working on (pre-Ada). Over the course of the project, three members of the team had babies. Check out Amy and Harper (9 mo.), me and Ada and Alex and Ella (6 weeks). We're lined up in order of size (of baby). We had a lovely lunch and then strolled around Battery Park City, comparing notes.

It was my first time around a baby who was smaller than Ada. Although I'm thrilled that she's growing, I got kinda' nostalgic for the days when I could hold her in one hand.

Strangely, she was pretty fussy all day -- I was getting dirty looks from the Very Serious Businessmen in the restaurant -- and I couldn't figure out why until Thor suggested later that she might be teething. I think he's right -- she's been drooling like crazy and has just seemed kind of uncomfortable. Another update: she's had a few bites of solid food! A lovely organic pear compote. Calling it compote makes it a bit easier for me. It turns out I'm a little bit squeamish about mushed up food. Who knew? I'll post a picture of her gorging herself soon. In the meantime, for those of you who need your Ada closeup, here's one from a few days ago:

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