Sunday, November 18, 2007

Helping You Pack

"I'm a very useful baby. I help you pack all the stuff. Don't you think this tiny stuffed dragonfly will come in handy in Colorado? How about my little horse with rattly hooves? I think we especially need my bouncy chair, and my fun swing, and my other bouncy chair, and all my books, and my stuffed cow that goes moo, and my little duck that goes in my jumperoo, and my jumperoo... "

Yes, we're going to Colorado for Thanksgiving. I haven't traveled anywhere in almost a year. Recently, all I've heard about travel are horror stories of people sitting on runways for hours at a time. We don't currently have seats together and I have this nightmare that I'm going to have to put Ada in a seat by herself, next to strangers. "She needs to eat every three hours. Here's her milk; here's her diaper bag; wave to me if you need anything." Do I have anxiety about this trip? Um, yes.

I'm excited to see the family though -- Ada's so much bigger and pinker than she was the last time everyone saw her. She's also louder. A warning to the folks coming to Colorado: Ada recently found her loud voice. She's been shrieking a bit when she's upset, rather than just doing her normal, newborn cry. It's slightly shocking. Luckily she doesn't usually do it in the middle of the night.

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