Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Dress Like a Boy

Weird sociological experiment: dress a baby girl in a get-up with a smidgen of blue and count how many people assume she's a boy. You'd be surprised. I always used to say that I didn't want Ada to only dress in silly, frippy, girly things... it's fine sometimes but so much of the stuff that's out there for girls is just over the top. I decided to get her a few new onesies that were mostly tan with a bit of blue on them... and sure enough, everyone we encountered today thought she was a boy. Is it just that people NEED to assign gender based on some innate , primordial mental wiring? Babies do make that hard since they're basically totally androgynous but still... why assume she's a boy ? Of course, I could also wonder why I'm so irritated about it... In any case, she's looking super cute today, even if she does look like a boy!

For those of you keeping track, we were at the doc's today -- all is well. She's doing great!

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