Thursday, November 29, 2007

"Hi, Mama!"

Ada has started using consonants! Her babbling has increased dramatically, and includes such famous consonants as M, G and, in a cameo role, D. Yesterday she distinctly said, "Hi Mama!" It sounded exactly like a very drunk or very sleepy grownup would say it so it was a little garbled, but clear, none-the-less. Of course, at this point she could be reciting Shakespeare and it wouldn't count as talking since she doesn't actually know what she's saying. Or does she? I guess I should do some reading on this -- are babies actually trying to say specific things with their babbling or are they just exercising their mouths? Any child development experts out there who want to weigh in?

Some things else that tells me that she's not really expecting responses to her babbling: here she's having a deep conversation with her teething ring.

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Heidi said...

I did learn in my child development psych class that babies from other countries babble in other languages...which seems to indicate that she is trying to say SOMETHING...