Tuesday, August 5, 2008


A lot has changed for Ada in the last week or so... mostly because now she eats. People far and wide told me, "just leave her alone! She'll when she gets hungry!" Well, I had other priorities and really, really wanted to make sure she gained weight... unfortunately, all of our tap dancing and , "hey, look over there!" distractions were just making her more resistant.

So we stopped! Now we give her a ton of different finger foods (avocado, her favorite of all) and let her have at it. At the same time we feed her a few things here and there, but wait until she actually opens her mouth and goes , "mmmm!" That's a sound I never thought I'd hear her make! As you can see below, she's really getting into this whole eating thing -- she picked that chicken clean! (OK, not really)

Oh, happy day. She's actually finished a meal in 15 minutes this week... rather than the normal hour. Imagine! All that time we'll get back for marauding!

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