Tuesday, August 28, 2007

You Lookin' At Me?

Ada's reflux is making her a little irritable today. She hasn't been crying all that much but she's been looking kinda' pissed off for most of the morning. I'm sure that she'd be very offended to know how cute we think she is when she looks pissed off . It's no fun being a baby... you get no respect!

In this picture I think she looks kinda' like C. Thomas Howell in The Outsiders (except more pink) -- she's pretty darn tough... Grrr! "You know the rules -- no jazz before the rumble!"

And here she's like , "What's wrong with these people? Can they NOT just leave me alone? "
I know there's a lot of pink going on in these pictures but I promise -- she didn't have any pink on at all yesterday. Really!

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