Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Tiny Pink Prison

I realize that I haven't actually done a whole lot of reporting on Ada's attire, mostly because it's actually been fairly boring. I personally think she's most comfortable in her plain white onesies and so I mostly leave her in those. Apologies to those of you desperate to see her in petticoats. None-the-less, I do think her new pink-striped onesie is particularly fetching -- kind of like a prison uniform for a very, very minimal security prison that encourages inmates to learn embroidery and macrame.

Ada does look slightly drugged in this picture -- guess why? She is slightly drugged...

Despite her fairly intense expression here, I'm thrilled to report that she's actually started smiling -- at me, at her dad, at stuffed creatures and most of all to herself. It's very cool.

(oh look! tummy time!)

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simonfam1 said...

What a cutie pie! Look how she lifts her head. Strong girl! What a sweetheart! Oma