Thursday, August 30, 2007

Visit From Oma

Ada's Grandmother visited today to watch Ada while I ran some errands. They spent a long time talking about bunnies. Also, they discussed various bodily functions. It's important that Ada not feel embarrassed about her loud farting. She hasn't expressed her embarrassment in so many words but sometimes it's written all over her face:

"Yoicks! Where'd that come from? Oma? It sure wasn't me!"


Heidi said...

I love this blog! Best baby book ever. I check it several times a day...keep posting, I love watching her grow. Sorry I am gonna miss you guys this weekend, I will come up in a week or two when my job is done.


Kirin said...

She is just too cute! Heidi, I'm with you, I check this blog daily and I have been showing by beautiful niece to all my work pals.