Sunday, February 10, 2008

Food Update

So, a little update on Ada's food intake. She doesn't like most baby food, she doesn't like milk... so, what does she like? So far, here are things that have been exciting:

- Tofu Jelly Soup
- Roasted Garlic Hummus
- Egg Yolks
- Baby "Pasta Dinner"
- Channa Masala
- Saag
- Chicken gravy with mushrooms

We'll keep you posted on her continuing culinary adventures.

1 comment:

tls said...

New items on the list: taramosalata is a big hit; babaganoush is so-so; food accidentally, um, "kissed" by some hot peppers? No problem! But we have finally found something with more garlic than Ada cares for (the fantastically powerful tzatziki from Symposium which appears to be about 30% raw garlic). Oh, but anything else made from sheep's milk is A-OK...