Saturday, February 9, 2008

Babies Who Brunch

Brunch is the absolute perfect social occasion for babies -- they're alert and happy but very, very close to taking a nap. What could be better? Ada has been out to bunch a lot lately. She had her first dim sum (although I forgot the camera!) and thoroughly enjoyed her tofu jelly soup (I know, soy is allergenic. Won't happen again!) She also brunched with my friends Shannon and Jane last weekend at Back Forty, a lovely restaurant in the East Village. After brunch we went for a long walk in the strangely balmy weather. I guess I'm not complaining but sheesh -- it is February, after all.

She also joined me this week for brunch with my Grandparents, Pete and Betty, who are spending the month here in NYC. Here's a sweet picture of Ada and Betty:

We went to Artie's, and old fashioned deli on the Upper West Side. I thought the filling from a cheese blintz would be baby heaven but unfortunately it made her gag and throw up. Hmm... so she likes Chinese but not Deli... interesting.

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