Sunday, November 1, 2009

St. Thomas

Thanks to an overabundance of luxury vacations available to a friend of my friend Tamara,  Ada and I were invited to join Tamara and her daughter, Sophie, in St. Thomas for a few days. Gorgeous, sunny, iguana-filled, beachy-fabulousness:

This is Ada on her way to Ingo Flamingo, the imaginary place she made up where Cinderella lives. Sometimes Ingo Flamingo is a person too, so maybe she just likes saying the words...

The gorgeous view from our balcony at dawn... why so early, you ask?

Umm, Ada, do you have any thoughts on why we might have been up so early?

The crazy aquarium we visited, where a scuba diver fed a swarm of hungry fish. Ada was not so excited about this one. She promptly ran away.

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