Sunday, October 26, 2008

Storm King

A few weeks ago we went to the Storm King Art Center near Newburgh, NY. It was an unbelievably perfect day to stroll through and climb on art. Ada and Thor communed with Andy Goldsworthy's Winding Wall, which is extremely cool although hard to capture with an iphone camera.

After all that excitement, Ada needed a little solitude.

And then it was time to party again. I don't think Henry Moore would mind that she crawled around in his sculpture, do you?

I'm sure a time will come when Ada is just way too cool to go walk around a sculpture park with her parents but luckily that time hasn't arrived. She may not be able to fully absorb the layers of meaning, incredible craftsmanship and importance of many of these pieces, true. Instead she just had fun. One of her new words is, "wow!" Wow.


elena said...

Ada's adoring Vermont public is very happy she has resumed posting!

Heidi said...

So is her adoring Virginia public!